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Bowenwork Classes

Workshop objectives:

On completion of this course, students will be able to describe and demonstrate the principles and application of Bowenwork procedures, assess clients to determine the use of appropriate Bowenwork procedures for each person, evaluate the response of the client to a Bowenwork session, and support the client in optimizing self-care to promote wellness.

The curriculum consists of 6 modules, each taught over 2 days (16 hours total), approximately a month apart. Each module includes detailed notes and charts, explanation and discussion, demonstration, indications for use, and extensive hands-on practice with individual feedback and review. The modules must be taken in sequence because each one reviews and builds on work taught previously. Modules 3 through 6 include practical and written assessments. Students receive individual feedback on them as well as on the 10 written case studies and 50 logbook hours that are required.

Each Bowenwork Module 1-6 earns 16 contact hours for Continuing Education. Certification requires passing Module 7 (a written and practical competency assessment that does not qualify for CE hours, covering procedures taught in previous modules). Additionally, practitioners seeking accreditation and certification as a Professional Bowenwork Practitioner need to submit proof of a minimum of 100 hours study of anatomy and physiology; proof of 20 hours business skills or study; and current CPR certification.

The Curriculum: Bowenwork® Classes

Module 1: Tom Bowen history/philosophy. Basic Relaxation Moves - the core work that addresses the entire body. Kidney procedure, Headache and instructions for client self-care and management.

Module 2: Review of previous module work. Procedures for Respiratory system, Hamstrings, Shoulders, Cramp. Instructions for client self-care and related exercises. Guidelines for case studies and logbook hours.

Module 3: Review. Pelvic, Sacral, Elbow/Wrist and Knee procedures. Instructions for client self-care and related exercises.

Module 4: Review. Ankle, Upper Respiratory and TMJ, Forearm, Feet procedures. Working with seated clients, babies and children. Instructions for client self-care and related exercises.

Module 5: Review. Procedures for Chest area tenderness, Gallbladder, additional Neck and Shoulder restrictions, and Coccyx injury and pain. Instructions for client self-care and related exercises.

Module 6: Review. New procedures for Childhood Bedwetting, Buttock pain, protocol for Enhancing Fertility, Pelvic Floor pain and Bursitis. Instructions for client self-care and related exercises.

Module 7: Practical and written assessment for certification and accreditation. (Not eligible for CE hours).

Module 8: Review of Modules 1-6 procedures, with emphasis on quality of touch and combining procedures more effectively, and avoid overloading the body. Minimal prerequisites and how and when to use parts of a procedure. A few new procedures, Ossie's Handy Hints, and strapping techniques are introduced. Practitioners' clinical case studies are discussed too.

Module 9 (Specialized Procedures 1): 12 new procedures for more persistent and unusual symptoms that clients present with, if they have not fully responded to procedures in Modules 1 to 6.

Module 10: Review and written and practical assessment on the Module 9 material.

Practitioner Days A, B & C: Continuing education classes for accredited practitioners needing CE hours to maintain currency of registration. Days A & B review Modules 1- 6 procedures, and Day C reviews SP1 procedures.

Class Info:

Please be aware that Bowenwork® is demonstrated and practiced on the students who attend the classes. To ensure the safety of class participants as the work is being practiced, close supervision is maintained by the instructor, If you have any health problems that may be affected by being worked on, please advise the instructor before the class commences.

We recommend that you bring light, loose clothing to each class so that it is easy for the instructor and the students to palpate anatomical locations on the body. Shorts and T-shirts are recommended, and please wear suitable underwear!

For hygiene and comfort, it is also advisable to bring your own sheets/drapes/towels that can be placed on the tables whilst you are being worked on.

Please ensure that your nails are short and clean, as you will be contacting other students’ skin in some procedures.

It is advisable to bring your own water to ensure adequate hydration.  Snacks and lunch are your own responsibility. 

Cancellation Policy:

Deposits are non-refundable unless the instructor cancels the class, in which case the instructor must give students at least two weeks notice. If the instructor cancels the class, he or she returns the student’s deposits.

If a student notifies the instructor of non-attendance at least 48 hours before a class, the instructor may credit the deposit toward another class. Failing to give the required notice forfeits the deposit. Credits will be honored for a period of one year from the date of the original class.

In order to avoid extra expense in case the instructor cancels a class, we strongly recommend that students purchase changeable or refundable airline tickets or other travel arrangements.

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